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David's Law

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Wilson County Crime Stoppers is working toward opening the lines of communication with our youth in Wilson County. Anonymous tip availability, can help! David’s Law will not only help with bullying, but also in crime prevention. Having an anonymous tip line for communication has been proven to work. The Wilson County Crime Stopper anonymous tip line number is 1-800-808-7894.

We pledge to fervently make efforts to bring our community together with communication and effective resources.

“David's Law will prevent and combat bullying in schools through several measures:
•It will require school districts to include cyberbullying policies in their district policies on bullying and notify parents if their child has been the victim of bullying or is the alleged aggressor.
•It will require school districts to develop a system to anonymously report bullying and threats.
•It will give school districts the ability to investigate bullying off-campus if it materially affects the school environment and it will allow schools and law enforcement to collaborate on investigations.
•It will give school districts greater latitude to place students in a disciplinary alternative education program or to expel students for certain very serious bullying behavior such as coercing a child into committing or attempting to commit suicide.
•It will make it a misdemeanor to electronically harass or bully anyone under the age of 18 through text messages, social media, websites, apps, or other means.
•It will focus on providing additional counseling and rehabilitation services to the victim and the aggressor.”